Light Up Christmas 2021 Terms and Conditions

‘Light Up Christmas’ Lights – the Dedications

  • All those dedicating a light are cordially asked to give a suggested donation of £10. This donation is non-refundable.
  • The donations received will be designated to the ward / service / charitable fund selected by the person making the donation. All donations will be used in-line with donors’ wishes. In the unlikely event that the donation cannot be directed exactly as the donors wish, the donation will be applied to the ward / service / charitable fund that is as close to the donors’ wishes as possible.
  • All Gift Aid received will be applied in-line with Awyr Las’ Gift Aid policy, supporting charitable objectives in-line with donors’ wishes wherever possible.
  • The tribute made online will be the final tribute: changes to the tribute cannot be made retrospectively. All those dedicating a light are asked to ensure they check their tribute to ensure the photo and message are exactly as intended before submitting the final version.
  • All tributes that are submitted will be included on the online Wall of Lights.
  • All tributes will be in the language chosen by the person making the dedication. N.B. the dedication will not appear in Welsh and English unless the person making the dedication includes both languages within the message. Please note that the number of characters available are limited.
  • Please note the following receipt dates for digital tributes. Your postal tribute should arrive within two days of the email receipt date unless you are informed otherwise by the Awyr Las Support Team.

 ‘Light Up Christmas’ Projection Show – the Tribute Tour

  • In order to guarantee inclusion in the projections, tributes must be received by 23:59 on Sunday 5th Tributes made after this date will be included on the Wall of Lights, and all those making their dedication will still receive a memento.
  • All tributes will be included in the Projection Show at Bangor Garth Pier.
  • Approximately 120 tributes will be included in shows on the travelling tribute projection tour. These tributes will be prioritised by: Service selected (for example, those donating to services in or around Wrexham Maelor Hospital will be prioritised to appear on the projection show at Wrexham Maelor Hospital) and Postcode (the address of those dedicating lights will also be considered when prioritising which tributes will appear on the tribute tour.
  • Those dedicating lights are not automatically invited to attend the projection shows. Attendance on the travelling Tribute Tour is limited, and is by invitation only. All those dedicating lights will receive a link to view the tribute tour virtually.

As the North Wales NHS Charity, Awyr Las needs to lead the way in ensuring that only those who absolutely need to be in our hospitals come to our hospitals currently, and for this reason we must now postpone the Tribute Tour until March 2022. This now means that all dedications made before 20th December will now appear on the walls of our hospitals in 2022. More information about the rescheduled Tribute Tour around our hospitals will be issued in January 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.

‘Light Up Christmas’ Illumination Event – 10th December at Bangor Garth Pier 


  • The ‘Light Up Christmas’ display on Bangor Garth Pier will be illuminated on Friday 10th December 2021 at the ‘Light Up Christmas’ illumination event.
  • This ‘Light Up Christmas’ illumination event is a Bangor City Council event.
  • Admittance to this event is by ticket only.
  • Tickets must be purchased online at Awyr Las Light Up Christmas 2021 Bangor Pier, North Wales before entry to the event.
  • All £2 tickets are non-refundable.
  • All people aged under 18 are permitted to attend the ‘Light Up Christmas’ illumination event free of charge.
  • All those who have purchased annual / lifetime passes for Bangor Garth Pier are exempt from the £2 ticket charge.
  • The £2 admittance charge will be shared equally between Awyr Las and the Friends of Bangor Garth Pier. The admittance fee will be directed to Awyr Las’ Keep the Beats Fund to fund a new defibrillator for Bangor Garth Pier and the support of additional defibrillators in and around Bangor. In addition, the admittance fee will be used by the Friends of Bangor Garth Pier to support the maintenance of, and future events on, Bangor Garth Pier in partnership with Bangor City Council.
  • In the event of cancellation, all efforts will be made to enable the ‘Light Up Christmas’ illumination launch to be viewed virtually by event ticketholders. Bangor City Council – Awyr Las will also endeavour to invite all ticket holders to a future event free of charge should the illumination launch need to be cancelled.
  • Tickets for the ‘Light Up Christmas’ illumination event are limited.
  • The ‘Light Up Christmas’ illuminations on Bangor Garth Pier will shine on from 10th December to 4th Admittance to the Pier is 50p per person (free of charge for those who have purchased annual / lifetime passes for the Pier); the whole admittance fee is collected by the Friends of Bangor Garth Pier to support Bangor Council with the ongoing maintenance of the Pier. The lights will be on and the Pier open to visitors from 5pm to 8pm on the following evenings, unless bad weather (including forecasted high winds or heavy rain):
    • Saturday 11/12/21
    • Sunday 12/12/21
    • Thursday 16/12/21
    • Friday 17/12/21
    • Saturday 18/12/21
    • Sunday 19/12/21
    • Monday 20/12/21
    • Tuesday 21/12/21
    • Wednesday 22/12/21
    • Monday 27/12/21
    • Tuesday 28/12/21
    • Wednesday29/12/21
    • Sunday 02/01/22
    • Monday 03/01/22


Will the Lights on Bangor Pier be numbered, so each dedication has a specific light?

The dedications will not be specifically listed on the Pier for the following reasons:

  • The potential environmental damage has been considered: plastic, metal or even thread coming off the light fitting and endangering wildlife and littering in the Straits and on land
  • The additional cost is prohibitive. In addition, the light display is best enjoyed as a whole. If one light is damaged or unable to light up one evening, the rest of the lights can still shine bright.
  • The risks of causing injury or harm to a person or the lights themselves through including a number / naming tag and encouraging people to touch the lights are considered to be high.
  • Due to Covid-19, the organisers do not want to encourage people to gather around a specific light or touch a number of lights.
  • In order to ensure all dedications are acknowledged publicly, the Tribute Tour projection show has been organised in place of specifically numbering lights

Why isn’t the Tribute Tour coming to a hospital near me?

The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) has many sites, and unfortunately the Tribute Tour could only go to 8 different locations and Bangor Pier. The locations for the Tribute Tour were selected by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board staff and the following was considered in prioritising the locations: geographical location to ensure spread across the region; which wards / services chose to be specifically listed to benefit from money raised through Light Up Christmas; number of staff and inpatients at the site. The hope is that in 2022 the Tribute Tour can visit other locations.

I can’t see the ward or healthcare service I want to support included on the list of funds I can support. What should I do?

All staff across BCUHB have been given the opportunity to include their ward / service / a service close to their heart on the list of areas to support. As the North Wales NHS Charity, Awyr Las can and does support patients and staff across the whole of North Wales. Even if the ward or service you want to support isn’t on the list of funds to support, you can select ‘I’d like to support another ward or department’, and note what it is. The Awyr Las Support Team can make sure the service of your choice benefits from the support you are giving.